With Colonial, You Never Need to Leave Your Pet

At Colonial we are pet owners and we are here to serve pets and their families. We are a local company dedicated to servicing the needs of the community.

We have been where you are and we understand your loss. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, respectful and ethical care to your beloved pet
as they travel over the rainbow bridge.

We are here to relieve some of the burden during this time.

About Us

Colonial Pet Cremation Services is a privately owned and operated pet cremation service. At Colonial we believe that your pet should be treated with dignity and respect. We recognize and appreciate that your pet is a member of your family and we honor and value that relationship and pride ourselves on treating your pet with the same love and caring that we show our own pets.

Colonial is committed to providing pets and their families with caring and compassion while delivering professional and ethical personalized cremation services.

With our state of the art services, we have made it possible for you to be with your pet every step of the way if you choose to.

We Offer:
¨ 24 hr. service

¨ Private cremation & viewing services
¨ State of the art, discreet vehicles with prompt and professional uniformed drivers
¨ Dignified, caring, and compassionate handling of pet remains
¨ Family viewing upon request
¨ Competitive rates